About Us


We Help Differently Peoples, turn tears to smiles.
Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan is a nonprofit charitable & Education organization functioning  in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh India. Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan was founded by Mr. Kamesh Dutt Mishra.

Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan is a registered non government organization, striving ceaselessly in the filed of Education for the last three decades, aiming to empower persons with Education so that he/she can stand in society. At any time through its wide ranging programs, Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan touches lives of thousands of persons with Educations. From humble beginnings it has grown as a model rehabilitation centre covering a broad spectrum of services providing education for children.

Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan mission has been “to meet the individual needs of people with Good  Education. Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan aims at making every individual feel worthy of life that they are leading and helps them in becoming contributing members of society in their own way”.

In the Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan’s education programme Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan Special School (Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan) is one of the major programme which focus on enabling children mainstream education.
Keshav Dutt Seva Sansthan considers education a crucial input towards development of children into mainstream human activities. Education building is carried out by a  team of dedicated and motivated staff  with the sole aim of helping People to  optimize their potential and lead more meaningful lives.

Gift A Smile

Gift A Smile is a program that helps you be a part of the initiative to reach out to underprivileged children and provide them with quality education.

The schools offer State Syllabus (accredited by the State Govt.) thus allowing children to mainstream into the current educational context Most children are first generation learners, paving the way for a generation of educated families Sports and extra-curricular activities offered in the schools promote the all round well being of the child Yoga, Pranayama and Breathing technique form a part of their daily routine


Name                                            Designation
Shree Ajay Kumar Mishra           Aadhyaksh
Shee Mukesh Chandra Shukla     UpAadhyaksh
Shree Kamesh Dutt Mishra          Maha Mantri
Shree Avinash Tiwari                   Sanyukt Mantri
Shree Sanjay Kant Tiwari            KoushAadhyaksh